Best of 2018 - Our Favorite Articles

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2018 was quite the year! Design evolved and changed, as it always does.

We rounded up some of our favorite articles of the year - the ones that taught us and challenged our thinking. Enjoy!


Scarcity in UX: The psychological bias that became the norm

By David Teodorescu

A fascinating, and in-depth, breakdown of scarcity in design.


Typography on the Subway: A Trip Around the World

By: Ricardo Magalhães

How often have you passed by public transportation signage and paid no mind? Ricardo’s article exposes the fascinating world of metro typography that is hidden in plain site every day.

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Duolingo Redesigned Its Owl to Guilt-Trip You Even Harder

By: The Verge

If you needed an example of the power of design, look no further than a well-designed owl and his quest to make you learn.


Why Are Micro-Experiences So Important to UX Design?

By: Shane Ketterman

“…we absolutely have to sweat the small stuff.” And this article is a great place to start learning what things to obsess over, and which to let lie.


Single-Page Website: Best Design Practices

By: Tubik Blog

A beautiful collection of one-page website inspiration, along with best practices.

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When Card UI Design Doesn’t Work

By: DesignYourWay

Cards are ubiquitous in UI design, however there are times where cards just don’t work. DesignYourWay breaks down card usage, and offers up tips and tricks for the UI fan-favorite.

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